Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grey’s Anatomy. Shit.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Grey’s Anatomy. Shit.

Its making me cry. I'm crying. What an episode. Oh man =’[ Shit.

I'm gonna watch the second episode of the finale now. Oh please =[

Oh Oh. Just.

Haw =’[

Ill be back after i watch the second one. Brb. =[



Man. Brilliant episode. AH-mazing acting. Amazing everything.

I cried like a baby.

THIS is the reason i love this show. Exactly this.

Oh mannnn.



Anonymous said...

wow, lol i love the expression, please if you can link me the show, i would love to watch it too :P

Roshni said...

Watched it all yet? spoilers warning. Umm...Im so glad McDreamy survives.... it broke my heart over and over again this last episode... Im gonna' miss my daily dose of greys 'til the next season.
Bailey was awesome!!

Anonymous said...

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please do view...

The Me. said...

Salman: You can buy the dvds in any store yknow =p . And okay will check the blog out =]

Roshni: Hainaa! Baily was awesomee! Everyone was awesomee. Watching the last few episodes, i wondered if Grey's had lost its edge, but man, WHAT a comeback with the finale! :D

secret.whispers said...


yeah i definitely cried. like complete crying. with tears and snot.
i almost had a heart attack when he shot Hunt. seriously. I love him.
and i was also glad sloane didn't die.
OMG and KAREV!! i bawled like a baby..

Moonie said...

okay so im at my dad's for a while and one tv is in my grandparents room and the other is in his room. so basically i cant watch tv here. and im missing my grey's anatomy. so can anyone like breif me to happened and all. last i saw, they took the intern exam and christina ki shaadi cancel ho jati hai. what happens then?

The Me. said...

secret whispers: Yeaah i like hunt too. I wonder why many people don't =o.

Moonie: Oh heres your comment. I thought blogger ate it. Haha. Anyway. Um i think the time you're talking about is season 4's finale if im not wrong. Alot has happened since then :P . You can watch it online, i can tell you where if you want =]

Moonie said...

tv shows arent meant to be watched online. its just not done. and star world is like 17 seasons behind on every show and im way to lazy to get them.
and i accused blogger of eating everything. sorry blogger.