Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cannibal Hannibal.

Three papers down. Three more to go!

The next one is Physicks, and its on umm. I don’t know. 4 days baad hai. Do the math.

Okay so i watched the Silence of the Lambs that day! AH-mazing movie it was! I didn’t really like Anthony Hopkins so much before but mann that all has changed now that I’ve watched this movie. Genius-ness! No wonder he got the Oscar for the Best Actor whatever even though he has less than 25 minutes of total screentime in the film. =o .

Okay, so check out this scene here. Its short. But please watch:

Gotta love that hiss o.o. I read somewhere online that while filming, Hopkins did the hiss spontaneously or only as a joke, but it worked so well with the scene that they decided to include it in the film. Yay.

I’m also watching this BBC Period Drama mini series called North and South. Its interesting so far. I like.

I’ve gotta go to the dentist’s today. Hate going there >.< ! Urgh. Anyway. You know, I've been up since 2 hours i guess and i still haven’t started studying. I realllly should start now. Physicks is scary. So yeah. bubye.

P.s. There be a sinking feeling in me heart today. Don’t like. :<

Okay bye! =]


BoogieMonsterMan said...


tin girl said...

AH is awesomeness when it comes to playing villians. xD
I <3 Jodie Foster more, tho.
She looks so Amy Lee-ish in SOTL. Prettyyyyy. And an amazing actress.
Movie's ancient.

Roshni said...

Kick Butt!

Vintage Obsession said...

what a movie right :) totally loved it.

The Me. said...

Boogie: Thankyou :D

Roshni: =[ Hope i do. A wittle bit atleast.

tin: Yeaah jodie foster was amazing in the movie too. =]

Vintage: Yeaah totally!