Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Me etc.

People are funny. They like to judge. I judge sometimes too. I think everyone does. Whether they want to or not. They just do. Even if only a little.
People tell me things about myself. They often tell me what kind of a person i am. They often over estimate me. Or underestimate me. It gets annoying at times. But then, it's all funny really. Its amusing. Cuz even i don't know completely, who I am. I know only a little.
So judging or no judging, i am Me, and I'm comfortable with that. I like Me. And i like Them. And i like all of It. Including the good, and the bad. I love this mixture, of Me and Them in It.


Here, have a cute little strawberry.


Shreya said...

throw a strawberry at them >_<

A strawberry tree at them!

Ally said...

Why do strawberries always turn out to be sour? :/

The Me. said...

Shreya: But i said i like Them! No throwing trees, (or refrigerators, in your case =p) =P

Ally: They're not sour =o . They're sweetish. And yum =\ .

Roshni said...

'cuz they're filled with Vitamic C ...even more so than oranges. True Story!

K-ay said...

yes it's funny how they're trying to figure people out all the time.
how does it even matter no?

~RainDrops. said...

You're just too nice :]

The Me. said...

Roshni: Yeaah, strawberries are supposed to be really healthy and non fattening too =D .

K-ay: Yeah, one shouldn't really let it matter. But then again, it all depends. Everyones different!

Raindrops: Hahah. Aw. Glad you think so =p .

Maryam said...

Oh my God. You posted on the 12th and I've been checking every day for an update and not getting one *keels over from shock*.

I swear. This is a first.

*offers strawberry*