Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post exam post.

My exams are over.

Lets all smile about that. =]]]]] . Lol. Okay enough. I slept around 8 hours when i got home from college today. I was SO exhausted. They went fine, my exams, in general. Some were better than the others. But. I’m not gonna think about them anymore. What's done is done and there's no point in thinking or worrying over anything when you can’t do anything about it. Haina? Yes. Yes yes yes. So lets forget.


Argh, this was supposed to be a yay-my-exams-are-over-im-happy post but I'm so pissed off right now >.< . STUPID COLLEGE! I mean. ARGH! They’re calling for practical practice stuff tomorrow. I mean, tomorrow? You kidding me? And i HATE stupid cockroach stuff. And that's pretty much all the bio practical is about. Cockroach and frog dissection and all that. =s . Stupid stuff. :s Im annoyed. I'm just really annoyed. Why wont they let me spend some time off, without having to worry about anything related to exams? They’re evil sadists, they are! I know! aksdjlajasdkal.

Okay. Phew. Whatever. I’ll worry about it tomorrow. Whatever. I'm not going tomorrow anyway. Whatever. Will saying ‘whatever’ again and again make me feel not guilty about skipping college tomorrow? Maybe. Whatever, I say. Whatever. =]

So. What should i write about. I don’t know really. My brain is annoying. Remember Pinky and the Brain on cartoon network? I used to hate it. And i used to HATE Cow and Chicken and I are baboon or something. And also Ed Edd And Eddy. There were so many cartoons i couldn’t tolerate. Loved dexter, and samurai jack though. Jack Jack, jack jack, samurai jack!

My red phone’s fixed. Im gonna get it back tomorrow maybe. =] Lalalaaa.




Okay bubye. =]


Anonymous said...

hey, how are you? my name is Salman and i just started following you and i think i started following you at your good time and my bad time, hehe, yes your exams finished and my is going to start so best of luck to u for result and best of luck to me for my exam,

and yes you are right about not worrying cuz what is done is done.

lol i hated cockroach and frog dissection too but thank god i am left with medical and transfered to accounting :P

haha liked that whatever stuff, :P

Lol cool congrats for your phone, take care for tomorrow's dissection :D

have a good day.

Maryam said...

Yay about the exams and the phone, AGREE TOTALLY about the toons, and I was JUST singing Hey Mickey when I read this post =D

Roshni said...

yaaay..donuts are on you!

Anonymous said...

and oh yes this is my blog, please start following me,

and i have started following you too and i find ur writing interesting, have a good day.

Ubaid said...

enjoyed this post :)

hi this is ubaid and am your new stalker... buhahah...

lol sorry about that, just a weird comment!

Anonymous said...

Yeh sab bohut interesting lagay ga jab apka internet ban hojaye ga, meri jaan. :(

Time to enjoy your freedom!

The Me. said...

Salman: Hey! Thanks so much! Glad you like itt =]]. Gluck with your exam!

Maryam: Hahah. That would've been funny! =p Aaand, yay, glad you hated those cartoons too. Seriously! =D

Roshni: Hahah sure. =D . Yayness.

Ubaid: Uumm hahah okay? =p Glad you enjoyed the post though. Lol.

kasana: Hi! Oh yeah. Well. Bloggers still working, and so is google [which was 'restricted' earlier =\] so I'm good for now. One can always download movies and watch em alll day long. ^.^

MagicalMe said...

my comment got eaten up somehow >.>"
nvm tho. here it is again:
you're luckaay your exams have finished. mine are just around the corner x.x and dont u think Johnny Bravo should be added to that list of intolerable cartoons? =P

The Me. said...

Magicalme: Oh yes, totally! Hated him and his yellow triangular hair :p

uglyduckling91 said...

You lucky you :(

Closed eyes... said...

I can feel the happiness :D