Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stupidness of the Stupid.

The iphone is stupid and it is being its stupid self. Its not my iphone (ofc), it is S2's iphone. But it is stupid. Its stupid i-tunes-ness and no-bluetooth-ness is really pissing me off. It has eaten my operation pictures and theres no way i can transfer them to my pc because of some stupid itune issue. I Need those pictures! Im updating the stupid itunes software, and its around some 85 mb or something. How stupid is that?
Now who wants to eat wafers?! Raise your hand.

P.s. No offense intended to the iphone owning population.

1 comment:

Ifrahess said...

I hate the iphone too! Especially S2's iphone. It tries its best to come between our frienship/marriage relationship.