Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I thought maybe if i’d use the Windows Live Writer, i’d feel like writing more.

Im having kheer, its really tasty, and not super sweet, which is just the way i like it.

Youtube is awesome. It is life. So is google and facebook. And msn. And mininova. And Msn Today.

Im using my old cellphone since some weeks now, and i broke its cover thing, the one that surrounds the screen. Whatever. But i’ve mended it with a scotchtape.

My dad wants to play Ono with us again some day. I know.

I bought a box of ballpoints, a box of pencils, 3 black pointers, 3 ball points, 2 red pointers, 4 sharpners (3 silver, one pink), 4 rulers (one longer, 3 short), 2 clutch pencils (i didn’t buy them, s2 and s1 each gave me one after accidentally buying a whole packet of them :p). I didn’t buy a rubber. Ive got lots of new ones.

I <3 Valkyrie and Angels and Demons. Some movies are so funny. Like the Samoan Wedding. ( wink wink at s1 ).

I came across this new effect on this stupid (but nice) online photo editor and now everyone wants me to edit their picture that way. (wink wink at s1)

My scar reminds me of my operation. My operation was a nice experience (except the pain), there was lots of love flying around. And chocolates. (Operation operation operation. Enough of that already.)

I had an aloo paratha in the morning and im gonna eat Kryzo in a while. I likes Kryzo. Kryzo is cheap. I like new Snackers too. Traingles.

Awesome. Im so quick. Bubye.

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