Monday, June 8, 2009

The needle in the neck.


Im alive. I survived through it YAY :D . Well, yes im happy as a bird because that scary needle-in-the-neck test is done with. Phew.Well, so here's the story..
I woke up at 8 30 a.m. Got dressed, went to the hospital with mom. First i had an ultrasound of the neck region, but i hated the doc that did it. He looked quite arrogant. Actually i think he was so. Anyway, we got the Ultrasound reports and headed to the FNAC test place. But! The doc here was sooo nice. He was cute. My mom told him that i was scared of this test, having no anaesthesia and all =p . He told me that it was going to be fine, and he explained to me exactly what he was gonna do. He even described the needle with which he was gonna do it. So i felt kinda better. Then he gave me some instructions.. 1) Dont move even an inch while im injecting the needle. 2) Sit as straight as you can. 3) Keep your neck relaxed. 4)If you feel pain, which you wont, dont grab my hand.
Well, even if i would've felt pain, im not so idiotic to grab the hand with which he was holding the injection -__- , but i guess some crazy patient must have done that at one time, thus the warning :p. Anyway, my mom stood by me, and held my head a little. And bling! The needle was in. Ouch. It hurt. But it was okay. I didn't think about the pain. I was just thinking, be still be still be still. And then the needle was out. Ouch. Then they put a piece of cotton on it. Then they put a bandage on it. And my reports will be here at 1 pm. Okay i just told the whole story.
Now that im home, it does hurt a little, its kinda uncomfortable, but not really. Its okay. Im so brave. =p . My mom told my dad that i was a very fine patient. Ha! How awesome am i?

Anyway, yay. Its over. I hope they decide against the operation and my life can return back to normal soon. Poof. Im gonna sleep now.

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