Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Of blood groups and bombs.


Well, theres been so much hype about my soon to be operation (most of it being self created =p) that i cant help feeling excited about it! Im terrified though, of the pain. I dont like the pain. But what will happen will happen, why worry. For now, im just excited.
I'll be pampered out of my head, and ill be the Queen, and everyone else will serve me. And they should, because im precious. Oh and that reminds me, that i really am precious. Well, my blood group is O- , and regardless of what s1 says :p, only 7 % of the people in the world are O- .
Everyone else in my family, is either A+ or O+ , which are 32% and 38% respectively. SO, thats an appreciable difference, which means, im rare.
Tsk, im writing total crap. Im almost annoyed by it :p .
But ill continue! Its quite windy outside, and i can hear the doors going crazy downstairs. Its funny actually, the sound of a door being closed with a bang, is quite similar to that of a distant bomb blast. Im serious, im not exaggerating. They're very similar! The only difference is that echo thing. In a bomb blast, you hear the echo of the sound, something like that. Anyway, whatever, its just really sad that ive heard bomb blasts so often. Bang Bang Bang. Its even sadder that we don't go out anymore, no one goes out anymore because its so unsafe. That day, i passed that plaza, and there was this giant advertisement on Crossroads about the new summer collection and what not. I made a mental note, that i'd go there with S1 and check stuff out onc my exams end. But then i was like, argh, i cant. Unsafe. Bombs. Eeek. SAD! (the sad thing being the general state of things, and not me being unable to go shopping :p).
Okay, i should go do Aschelminthes now. Its the phylum with the worms. Ew.


Cat said...

Oh finally im getting a chance to comment on the rareless precious obsessed wid aschelminthes queen :)
I dont know what to comment but i love to read your blogs they make me laugh and they are different than the rest! =p
This one particularly was full of you but oh we are all full of ourselves which makes your writing pieces so original!
Keep writing :D

Ok its not s2 its the new addition in family m1 =p

Anonymous said...

I love you.
Marry me.

Note: said...

That'd be against the law. :)