Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back back back.


I am aware of the fact that while i was busy in exams, and tv and movies, my blog was rotting away into nothingness =p. Aww poor blog. Okay, im going to revitalize it.
So. I just woke up after sleeping for around 12 hours i guess =\ . Woke up in between often. But still. Much much sleep! I think i'm pampered. Very. :p . Yesterday was a normal day, and for some reason i felt it was my birthday. True! When you feel its your birthday on a normal day, it means you have an awesome life xD . (MashAllah). Anyway, I'm leaving for Pindi today, not too excited about the wedding function that we have to attend, but excited for the Pindi-ness. Long time!
Other than thaaat, im finally going to watch Benjamin Button, which S2 tells me is very nice, so lets see. But im looking forward to watch 'Valkyrie' and 'Doubt' more. That should be after i come from pindi then.
Last night i found out that the needle in the neck thing happens without an Anaesthesia. =\ . Im kinda scared. *Terrified* .
Okay well, Sh is annoying me out of my head, asking me to pack clothes =@ .

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