Monday, October 13, 2014

Winds of change.

Winds of change. Literally.
There's a chilliness to the air.
Cold feet hugging each other under a bed sheet that reminds me too much of home.
Can't help but smile though.
One of the houses in the street have a new yellow bulb. It glows.
The other one is painted pink. Its more a room than a house.
The woman are chatting away on charpaais.
Every morning i wake up and it says 'Dreary' on my phone's weather forecast.
Dampens your spirits a bit. Dreary.
Says 'thunderstorms' today. Now we're talking.
I've made friends with a book. I turn to it most nights before i sleep.
Felt hungover during exam today. The headache is still there.
Downloading Into the Wild. That movie needs to be watched again.
Eddie Vedder yo.
Alright, that is all now.

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