Thursday, October 2, 2014

Copper doesn't know it's copper, until it's changed to gold.

Today has been weird.

So i will do what i do on most weird days. I will whine. And vent. Here.

Hi there.

My coffee behaved like an ass today. Only made me yawn a lot. I was stuck in bad traffic for two hours. And was headachy most of the day. So i had more caffeine which made me more headachy and didn't get much studying done either. And my stomach feels weird.
I called N. We laughed. I like that i can always call her and end up laughing.

I miss the time i spent at N's place. We used to go out for walks. I used to stand on that swing and we'd talk about all sorts of things. I miss listening to the radio ALL the time in her car. I miss the time we drove after my bus after we missed it. I miss all the chocolatey gooey shit i used to eat at her place. I do not miss the weight i gained however. Haha.Good times.

Dad talked about his old home today. While we were stuck in traffic. Its weird how little i know about his earlier life. Life before he was a father and a husband. When he was just himself. He doesn't say much. I'd like to know more. I know he used to play football. And spent sometime in Chicago. And had a beard once. I've seen pictures. But not much. I should make him talk more.

I keep complaining about wanting more stability and groundedness. But i've been thinking, that maybe it's not what i want at all. And maybe i love the transient-ness of everything. I don't want to stay in one place. I can't, i think. Maybe I like being rushed. With little pauses every now and then. To breathe. And reflect maybe.

Just had a long conversation with Sd about how messed up we are as a society. How many things there are that we wish our parents had taught us. How much there is that needs to change. And who is going to change that and is it going to change at all? Who knows.

I like to complain about little things. It doesn't really help anything. Just like it doesn't help to complain about big things. But i don't complain about big things. Not like this. It's easier to worry about insignificant things instead. Big things will sort themselves out. What can you do.

There's a cricket in my room that's making my ears bleed.

Alright, I think this is more than i've written in here in a long time. So.
That'll be all then.


Raajii said...

I am sorry you had a bad day, but you are not alone. Coffee makes me yawn sometimes, and there was a cricket in my room the other day and I literally turned everything up side down to find it - it was driving me insane.

The Me. said...

The cricket died :D
Man coffee has a mind of its own. Trust me.