Saturday, October 4, 2014

I only own my mind.

The floodgates have opened it seems.
No blogging for so long and suddenly i want to write everything down.
I get song cravings. Got a really strong Pearl Jam one right now.
I am mine.
I'm on an (undeserved) break from studying.
Had a mug of coffee. I feel calm. A good kind of settled calm.
Lorde is now playing in the background.
What would we do without lamps and wooden floors and camp chairs?
And music that enters your heart and controls it for a while?
And words. Words that really enter your heart.
I mean it's the tiniest things isn't it?
This red mug on this red rug. That red towel. Yes i like Red.
And oh God this song. Bittersweet symphony. That music.
Me and mom are similar in the weirdest ways.
We love dry fruits. And left over pakoray from the fridge with naan after midnight.
And sometimes we obsess over the same little things.
We can be heroes. Just for one day!
Life's going to be chaotic soon.
I hope my gut survives the caffeine.
And my nails survive my teeth. Heh.
No change, I can change
I can change, I can change
But I'm here in my mold
Im here in my mold
But I'm a million different people
from one day to the next
I can't change my mold
no, no, no, no, no 
 Oh and yes, i tweaked my blog a bit. Happened at 5 a.m last night. Or morning. Or whatever.There, I'm done for now.
If it rains tonight, i'll be a happy person.


WritingForLife said...

In a parallel universe, I think you and I could be great friends. I like all the things you do: red, and coffee, and sudden bouts of writing, and song cravings, and eating after midnight. But I dont chew my nails - perhaps I could stop you from doing that? :-).

Glad you are writing again.

The Me. said...

Hahah. Why does it have to be a parallel universe?
And aah, the nail habit. Well I don't exactly chew them. I just. Pick at them. Heh.