Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It is that time of the year again, and that time of the night.
I wish i could get a good night's sleep. One where I don't wake up every few hours.
When was the last time I closed my eyes at night and opened them only in the morning? Uninterrupted? I don't remember.

The day the airplane in my dream takes off, I will know that something in my life has finally clicked  into its right place. For now, I'm waiting.

I have been reading a lot. Stretching the mind, or at least trying to. And a midst all of that, medicine somehow feels irrelevant. But I am also scared. Because i need to work hard, and I can't seem to focus. It's an old problem. But it's there. And I don't know what will fix that, if anything will at all.

Went out with a cup of hot milk and stood in the wind for about half an hour. Watched the rain. Smelled the rain. Felt it all. It's almost four. Had to wear an extra shirt. It's getting chilly.

There's a dead ant in my water bottle. Oops.

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A. Zahra said...

Reading your blog and in a strange way, I feel a lot of things that you feel.