Saturday, October 18, 2014

Full circle.

Finally, finally went out today. Watched Anabelle with the girls. Forced two of them to go, and then ended up burying my head in r1's shoulder through most of the scary bits. There are two types of people in the world. Those who scream, and those who don't. I belong to the latter. I don't scream. Unless cockroaches are involved.

Found a little black balloon floating in the place where we had dinner. I brought it back to my hostel. I named it Ebola. Is that okay?

Seems like my heart wakes up in winter.

I love being out. Sitting in some place, good company. That's really all i want. Well not really. But you get the point.

I was once watching House and there was this thing Wilson said. Something like 'You'd be surprised what you can live with'. For some reason, it has always stuck with me. This sentence. Because I think it's true. I hate House now btw.

Every day feels like a blessing. The mind, the heart, the spirit, the body, they all need exercise. I think I'm finally getting some. Not nearly enough but, some.

My cellphone is heavy with memories. Needs decluttering. Like my mind.

Today i did something that i was proud of,  Confronted a friend about something that was bothering me. Fought the fear of awkwardness. Maybe i can do this more often and not die inside every time some kind of shit happens that messes up my mind.

Tu bhi na maanay, koi bhi na janay, kaisay ho pur ye khala
Rangon main tum ho, khyaalon main gum ho, najaanay tu hai kahan

Good stuff, this.

Looking forward to plenty of walks. Looking forward to the sky.
Bubye now.

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