Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby on xanax.

People are actually crazy. I have this girl on instagram who took a selfie while eating daal chawal. Like, selfie in the middle of a bite. What is that? And what is up with these girls going crazy on each other's pictures, like ZOMG YOU GORGEOUS THANG MARRYMERIGHTNOW XOXOXOXOX SJDASLKDJALSKJD! I COULD STARE AT YOU ALL DAY :* :* .... I mean. What is that? What? I don't get it.

Anyway. The funny thing is that every time i work out, I get such a high. I feel like I've burned all my calories and i'm the healthiest person alive and i don't need to exercise anymore. Total bull though. -___-

The other day my phone started acting like a jerk and i grew miserable and impatient by the minute so i decided to do a Factory reset. Deleted all my apps and my personal data and all the billion little things that i'd saved on it. Just like that. Turned out to be so liberating. My phone looks and feels new. Well, that's mostly cuz i updated it's software but whatever. Feels good.

Oh. Another interesting thing is that i have developed this sudden new found interest/fascination with make up! SO weird. I hardly own any make up and would always borrow my sister's but just all of a sudden, i feel like i need to have a big bag of nice makeupy stuff. And i will get it. One (or two) thing at a time. :)

I feel happy and healthy at home. I wish this never changes. I love this house. Love. A lot. FO-EV! Haha, that sounds annoying. LUV FO EV! Lol. Not funny. K.

I have this BAD cough that doesn't want to end. Ever. Mom's like Y U NO MEDICINE? So i'm taking medicine now. Before i used to take my cough syrup at times before sleeping, not because it helped my cough, but because it put me to sleep like a baby on xanax. Okay, stupid example. But yeah it was nice.

Anyway. I feel tired now.


Laterally Moved. said...

Makeup's expensive. Dekh lena. Buy one or two things a year, more like. Hahaha. But good job :)

Astha said...

"I have this BAD cough that doesn't want to end. Ever. Mom's like Y U NO MEDICINE?"

Hahaha! You're funny :D