Saturday, April 5, 2014


No one really blogs anymore, and this is not the first time i am complaining about that. I mean, there was a time, when i would open my dashboard and there were all these yummy un-read posts for me. I would sit, and read them all one by one. Now? Nothing.

So i thought i'd go visit some blogs of the people who had previously left comments on mine. So i opened the Comments section of my blog and reading through all the comments made me feel SO warm and nice. It's funny how random tidbits from total strangers can lift your mood like that.

Don't know why I called everybody a kid. But oh well. I felt good. So cheers! (:


Kanra Khan said...

lel yur welcum :p :D

Maham said...

I was thinking the same the other day. Thanks for making a point there :)

Sadia Malik said...

I love this dolly you make. So so cute. :-P