Monday, March 17, 2014

You're crazy and I'm out of my mind.

I suddenly want too many things and I feel discontent. And restless. Almost as if life is about to leave me behind and I'm struggling to catch up.

 We often play this question game with people and a part of it is where they tell you about what they think are your good and bad qualities and you tell them your own views about yourself. It's quite amusing how different both answers can be.

 S2 says that I let go of things too easy. I didn't know that it was a bad thing. Because it's something that I've learned to do over time. Sort of like a survival skill. But she says no. Itni koi achi baat nahi hai ye. 

 This Malaysian airline disappearance thing has affected me more than normal. I'm so drawn to it. I read about all the tiny details that show up on the internet. Just the fact that there is something going on that nobody in the world has been able to figure out so far fascinates me. In this age, we're not used to not knowing things. So the fact that someone has outsmarted everyone like that, is just crazy. I'm concerned about that plane as if someone I know was on it. I think about it a lot. And I think about the families who have no closure. I hope this ends well.

 I'm reading Our lady of Alice Bhatti these days. It's an interesting book but I've reserved my opinions for now. Let's wait till i finish the book.

 I want to go to new places, do new things, feel new feelings and meet new people every day. Someone please make that possible. Because I hate monotony. The kind of monotony that stretches over weeks and months and years. You can be busy every day but your life can still be monotonous as ever. I don't want that. Actually I've been quite busy lately. College, and lots of plans with people. But i want something wilder. Deeper. Peaceful.

 It might rain tonight. If it does, I'm going to listen to John Legend's All of Me. It's stuck in my head.

 Okay so it rained. And i went up to the roof. The only one up there i was. And listen to John Legend i did. I'm back in the room now but the balcony's door is open and i can still hear the rain so everything is good. I would like some hot chocolate right now. Something of the sort. Last year when it rained like crazy, i went up to the roof in my T shirt and let the rain drench me and the wind push me around. Today, i just stood in the corner and watched. Am i getting old?
Of rickshaws and rain.

My head's under water but I'm breathing fine. You're crazy and I'm out of my mind.. 

 I'm thinking of changing my template. The colour scheme and all. Might do it tonight. Since i have a huge test coming, spending the night tweaking my template seems like the sensible thing to do.

 Alright, Goodnight.

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