Thursday, March 20, 2014

RANT! (#5)

RANT ALERT : I'm going to whine about petty little problems, so if that doesn't sound fun, don't read any further.

I mean. Is everybody insane? Sorry, but i can't handle this workload. I refuse to handle this shitty workload. There's this HUGE test in a few days. I've been trying to get some course covered but no, i turn page after page after page and I'm not even half done. And it's a test that i planned on passing. So that is not happening i guess. SECONDLY, there's a wedding on my head. ON MY HEAD. In the sense, that, its right before my big test. And i want to attend only one function but no one will let me, and i will be dragged to all three and will eventually screw up my test. ALSO. I mean. The wedding reminds me, my skin is acting retarded all of a sudden. Something keeps happening to it, and i'm drinking lots of water and doing nice things, but it refuses to get better. NOT FAIR. I want to look nice.
Then there's these assignments. These godforsaken assignments that i get every other day about this useless subject that no one cares about. Handed out by this INSANE professor. Petty professor i shall call him, because there is no other word for him. He is just petty. And hateful. And petty. And lame. And petty. And evil. And PETTY? YES! PETTY. Aaah. I can go on and on about him but i shall not waste any more of my precious blogging space on him. Anyway, so there's that.
And then. There was this whole drama about something which i will not get into because it's a long story but this much i will say: I hate mixing friends with family, and for good reason. I just don't like mixing those two parts of my life together. Well, almost all of my friends get along really well with my family but still. It makes me anxious and i avoid it. So please don't drag me into things.
Also. My maid at the hostel refuses to clean my room properly. She takes me for granted because i don't say anything to her but pliss man where is your humanity?
Oh and my cough is back. With flu. I was fine all day, but as soon as the lecture started and all was quiet, i got a cough attack and had to leave the hall. And no matter what i do, or what precautions i take or how many mugs of joshanda i take, this flu and cough will take it's sweet time and i can't do anything about it.

There is one good thing though. I might be going to this camping trip with N. Good thing, because i mean, YAY FUN. But! An annoying friend of her's is coming and i might have to miss a test at college. And what subject that is? The petty professor's subject. HOW GREAT IS THAT? :)

I feel weird and my heart's pretty much racing. Yes, it's the caffeine. It has messed up my stomach. So that's annoying too.
Its already almost 10. And i have tons of shit to cover. I don't want to stay up late tonight and then be a zombie at college tomorrow. And then i have to pack things and organize everything for the wedding. AND i don't know what to do with my hair. Okay well. Okay that is not a big issue. I will retract that. But well I'm pretty annoyed so everything is an issue.

Also, I'm broke.
And MH 370 is still missing.
And there was an earthquake today.
Life. Give us a break k?


Sadia Malik said...

Take a tea spoon of honey, warm it a lil, sprinkle some black pepper and lick it before going to sleep. I hope this helps. It works for me and my moms crazy insane cough...
and i hope everything/everyone goes back to being non-insane.

The Me. said...

Oh yes I've heard a lot about this trick, but i'm lazy and i HATE pepper so I haven't done it yet. Heh.