Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weird morning update.

This shall be a random update. Well, not that random. Just an update about whats on my mind right now. Whatever.

Just woke up. S2 called and woke me up. I sent her a voice clip saying 'Hi im Forrest, Forrest Gu-ump'. Haha. Okay. Not in a good mood. I slept for only about 2 hours. Was in a weird subconscious state even then. Woke up with a stupid irritated feeling in my stomach, i blame the coffee i had last night. Haven't had anything since. And my mouth feels all sore. S2 says its the stress ulcers. :/ i'm also annoyed because tomorrow, i have my physio exam. Fun.

I've been watching all these random movies on tv lately, and what is uup with the brides in the movies? Why do they wait to get to the altar before they make all kinds of sudden decisions about their life? Acha, fine, bhaagna hi hai, to there must be a side door or a side entrance/exit from where she could prolly make a quiet exit, but no. She HAS to run the entire length of the aisle, burst open the doors and make her grand exit. Bleh. Drama queens, sub.

And then, there's another thing. Yknow how, the guy/girl in the movie always starts telling the guy/girl they're into, this wannabe cute story about a 'special' place of theirs, could be anything, a park, museum, beach, anything, that their 'dad/mom/grandpa always used to bring them to', and how they told them some shit story about how safe and awesome it was, and how they always ended up there to feel 'safe' there again? I hate that. It's lame.

I feel cranky.

The point is, exams are not a good time for me. That is, the day before the exam. I'm fine generally. Exams have a way of bringing out my worst moods.

I need to get busy. Do something else, except studying. And stressing. OmG. A mosquito bit me. Dengue's in the air these days. Stay away from me. :/ Anyway. I need to be so busy. To not have time for anything. To physically wear myself out. Aaah. But that can't happen till after my proffs. I'm just going to be annoying-busy till then. Need the fun-busy.

I feel like i need to whine. But i don't want to. But that's what I have been doing. But whatever. But okay. But its 8 20 a.m. But i had to be up and studying by 8. But what about breakfast. But okay. Lets stop with the buts.

Long day ahead.
But Bye.


Moonie said...

you know what i hate in movies? the best friends that never get the attention but theyre okay with being the side walay log. and i hate that one pervy guy har movie main jo hota hai. and that random obnoxious couple that always gets together in the end. and alot of other stuff. but its rude to start stories in comments na. comments are for telling people how nice their post was.

i liked it because it was funny and because you were cranky and because cranky people are funny.

The Me. said...

omG agreed agreed agreed.
you know Judy Greer? Google her if you don't. She's the side waali log in like EVERY movie. :/

Anonymous said...

Haye, ye fonts ko kiya hoga :P kinda made me twist me neck until I found an appropriate angle to read it. Cute post like always. You are not hating hostel anymore, are you? :P

FYF said...

OMG I've been watching random crap filmain too :/ and yes they are annoying. And ever noticed that the wedding's always stopped by the asli hero like rightt at the most crucial moment? Like when they're about to kiss.
Whatay cheeze.

And hurray for hating exams ^_^

Roshni said...

Good luck for the exams man..sure you'll do great smarty! =P
Itna socha na karooo..jeebus, movies are for entertainment - not supposed to annoy you. Waisi wdramay queen wali na dekha karo. =P