Thursday, September 22, 2011


There's something so amazing about having a jampacked schedule ahead of you. One with no studying involved either. I have one. These days. There's so much going on right now. I think i should write stuff down in points. So, yeah. Here I go:

* I got done with my Sendups, yesterday. Woah. Can't believe it was yesterday. Anyway. Yeah. Yesterday. And i came home on the 6pm Daewoo. Slept in my own bed at night. Woke up all fresh. Woke up early, 8-ish. And had a nice little breakfast. 

*Met my friends again. My awesome home-friends. They're stupid. And nuts. And we all have issues. But I love being with them. And i love meeting them everytime i come home.

*Got to go to the dentist tomorrow. Got to buy new shirts tomorrow. Got to get weird Thyroid test done tomorrow. And a few other things. Tiring.

*Going to spend Saturday at my friend's. Going to spend the night there. Really looking forward to it.

*Have to head back to the hostel soon. Got to start studying. Got to plan out everything.

*I feel lucky. Right now. For a number of reasons:
- Im free.
- Im home.
- My family's going nuts trying to convince me to stay home. Which makes me feel ultra-important.
- s1's baking cookies in the kitchen. Always wanted to have a sister who baked\cooked. Finally got my wish.
- Im doing so many things right now. That makes me happpy. Being busy, makes me happy.
- I looked nice today.
And then there are other things, that i don't mention here. So count those too.

*Im super sleepy. But I have to watch Harry Potter 7 with s1. She asked me to have coffee, stay up, and watch the movie with her. But Im trying to avoid caffeine these days. Overloaded on it during the exams. So i don't know. Movieee!

*Audioslave. I am the highway. WHAT AY SONG!

*I feel like a gypsy. Hostel, Khala's house, home. Going back and forth. I sort of hate it. And love it.

* I told s2 today that I was 'falling in hate with' her. Then we laughed.

Yeaaah, I guess thats it for now.
Whattay weird haphazard post btw. Bleh.

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