Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mad 6 a.m conversations.

At 6 30 a.m, s2's tired of studying surgery and i'm not liking physio very much either. When suddenly:

S2: A, would you like to do a submandibular excision?

me: No i don't.

s2: You don't?

me: well, on you maybe.

s2: but i don't have a tumor.

me: then i'll do it anyway.

S2: i'll do the Tracheostomy on you.

me: no. I will do the tracheostomy on you.

s2: no. You can do it on someone else. If you're going somewhere and somebody can't breathe, you'll be like hey! Letme through. Imma do the tracheostomy, because best sister ever has taught me how to!

me: yes! I will do that.

s2: yes. So you'll take your scalpel and...

me: but i don't have a scalpel. Im in a park and a girl's dying. I dont carry my scalpel around with me!

s2: okay then take a knife and..

Me: but i dont carry a knife with me either! Do you think im ay gangster man?

s2: no but there a people around. They'll have knives?

me: all they all gangsters man?

s2: okay but you need a knife.

me: can i do it with a kitchen knife? Can i do it with my nail?

S2: okay A, you can do it with your nail.

Me: but i dont have ay nail. :(

s2: Do it with a rock.

me: can i do it with a muddy rock?

s2: you'll have to do the aseptic technique on it, then you can do it with the rock. :)

Me: can i just lick the rock?

s2: okay you can just lick the rock. And do it with the rock.

Me: okay khewllxx. I will do the trach- .. Trache- .. Tracho-

s2: learn the name first, you bimbo.

me: what bimbo? I know the name!

s2: don't act like a bimbo. Learn the name. Its Tracheostomy.

me: im not a bimbo. I'm a Tracheostomer! :D

.. The end.


Moonie said...

hahaha. cool sisters ho.

Richa said...

Tracheostomer, ahaha!

Remya said...

Awesome shizz B)
You're like a picasso and jazz. Even he couldn't do trippy creations like your header.
We all are tracheostomers. =)
Peace, ZheMe \m/

A said...


SaJ said...

Tracheostomer! :)
On a side note, I've watched a submandibular excision once. *smug*

AcetylCholine said...

Why don't I have a sister!