Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiny bloodsucker.

There's this insect in the room. Its minute. About an ant's size maybe. You can hardly see its wings.. YET. IT HAS BITTEN ME IN 5 DIFFERENT PLACES ALREADY. I can't even see the damned thing. =[ Invisible sneaky MACHAR type.

Anyway. Im hungry. Im craving Chocolate ice cream. I very rarely crave for it. But I do. Right now. Im going to eat soon. Before Sehri. Mom brought Cream rolls for me. Yuuurmm.

I have btw, realized that I am a lot like my dad. Personality wise. Seriously.

The tiny shit just bit me 3 more times. :S Its out to get me. Little devil. >.<

Going to meet friends tomorrow. Aftari.



eva626 said...

Ramazan Kareem!!! have a great Iftari!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Ramazan Kareem!!

PS:- Get some mosquito repellent for your tiny blood sucker!=D

Tazeen said...

I had cream rolls too! Well, they were ├ęclairs but they're the same thing, right? Almost.

Furree Katt said...

i have ant bites all over my body :( it's cause i sleep on the floor. i would choose mosquito bites over ant bites any day!

The Me. said...

eva: Thanks, I did. =]

Ladin: Mosquito repellents are so strong scented. =[

Tazeen: Eclairs. Yum. o.o

Furree : Ant bites? I've never had ant bites o.O . Eeek.