Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I like chewy candies.

I've realised that when i drink too much of water that is neither lukewarm nor cold, but somewhere in between, it only makes me thirstier. :/

I'm doing Anatomy these days. Hated it during college. But now that i've tried covering biochem and physio, anatomy looks pretty cute in comparison. Not because its easier, its harder actually, but biochem and physio are just dull. And they go on and on about stuff that i don't care about. Anatomy is very clear cut and nice.
Thats my opinion nowadays, i don't know how long its going to last.

s2 is coming in a week or so. She told me she was going to make me study a lot once she's here..which is a good thing, cuz God knows i reeeeally need to study more. Haha. She kept sending me the craziest voiceclips on Whatsapp today and i sat there alone in my room laughing like an idiot.

Then it started to rain. And i went up to the terrace as usual. Just sat there, had coffee and took in the prettyness of it all. Im going to miss it. Once i go back. Lets not talk about going back now shall we?

Had a really yummy Sehri. Cheese omellete without the veggies, 2 nuggets and a kabab. Yumm. So full. :/

S1 has started baking. Made a red velvet cake that i ate the last piece of, yesterday. Now i want something new.

The gel pen i was using since the past few days, is almost out of ink. I need a new one. And i also need a haircut. And a new bottle of coffee.

Okay bye.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Nuggets in sehri are wonderful.
I had 6 today!
*smug look*

I want some cake too :/ =D

Roshni said...

Hey thanks for the prayers!
And also for making me want some cake while Im fasting. =p

SaJ said...

Can we read more about chewy candies?

The Me. said...

Ladin: The cake's finished :D.

Roshni: Hey no problem. Haha. I hate craving for things while im fasting. And its happens the most too while im fasting -.-

Saj: Well, I love chewy candies. The ones you can go on and on at, for half an hour. Specially the really sour ones. I used to eat these 5 rupee ones called Zombies back in school. During college, i had fake versions of Zombies. And fake versions of another awesome chewy candy. Couldn't find the real ones here. -.- And then a couple of months back, now that Im in medschool, I was introduced to Fruit rollups. Which are heavenly.
I got two boxes of them as a Birthday gift, and i hid them from my roommates even though one of them shared her awesome chocolates with me. I are posessive about chewy candies.
Oh well.
There you go.

Ifra Khaliq said...

I so want to study anatomy :]

Sidrah said...

I liked anatomy n biochem. Physio does suck.

How did you eat so much in sehri?? =o Nice.

I like chewy candies, too, and I also need a haircut.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

I like candies! :)
And rains! <3

SaJ said...

Haha. Can't help thinking that a human version of Chewbacca would've sounded just like you. :)

Manali said...

Physiology is pathetic ;D

Ezazi said...

NUGGETS!! Roza kga dia na. :(

Moonie said...

I have cheese omelets alot. but then i need to lose weight.

Eya made a chocolate lava cake yesterday. some of the remains are still in the fridge. roza hai warna khilati sab ko.