Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tently heaven.

Im on the terrace. Im in a tent. My tent. Im in it. Its like my own little heaven. Its freezingly cold. My hands are numb. I have songs. I just had coffee. I have a novel to read, and an emergency light, for the lighting. And a light si quilt. OmG. Im in heaven.

I can't believe I finally own a tent. It was always one of my bizzare wishes.

Life is pretty right now. And I love everything. Because its beautiful.


Roshni said...

yeh idea kaisay ayaa? dudeee I used to tuck a blanket on the bunk bed I shared with my sister and it like hung down making the awesomest tent ever. And cozy. WIN!
ps. which novel?

The queen of nowhere. said...

Kaash barish hojaye :p.

Timoo said...

wow that was a cute little wish..=p

why is this that you'r having just a "LITE" si quilt..?? its thoughtful though...!! when you'll come out of your tent in the morning , people say..."eey look at er , SHE's SOO COOOL "...=p

The Me. said...

Roshni: Ooo haha fun bunk bed. I like bunk beds too. I never had one though. And i just always liked the idea of having a tent. I don't remember where or when I got the idea though =p

Queen: Bohut maza aata agar ho jaati to =o .

Timoo: Lol. I had a light quilt because the tent aint that big and I didn't want to take a big fat razaai with me that would take up all the space =p .

AbeerJ said...

EEEE thats MY ideal position. replacing the coffee with a choc shake. *jealous* :l