Friday, December 17, 2010

Create a post. Ahan.

This stupid Create a Post window is open since so long. My minds buzzing with a billion things, thoughts, things, right now. But I can't seem to write. Why's that? Tell me. You moron.
I don't call people morons. I don't know why I just said that.
Theres something very pleasant and amazing about fireplaces, and good conversation. I want a fireplace. The one with logs and everything.
I tried on, like, seven nail polishes last night. All s1's. None looked good. Except for the nice blood red-ish one. That was better. I've realized that I really love some shades of red. I like the Rusty dark red. I like the weird bloody dark red. I also like the nice not so dark, warm red. The colour of my red scarf. Its amazing.
I like words. I'd like to know all the words there are.
Why do people think its cool to drink really strong coffee? Black coffee and the sort? I mean, why? How does that make you cooler?
Yesterday the lights went out for 15 minutes. Random. When they went out, i thought there was going to be a bomb blast. Because it has happened before, twice. Lights go out, and BANG! And then silence. Its scary.
I'm not easily surprised.
Okay, so tell me. Whats wrong with people? Why do they have to believe everything other people tell them? Or what media tells them? Or what someone-who-heard-something-from-someone-else tells them? Why don't they think about anything? Or doubt anything? Or google anything? Haha. Google. But no, seriously. WHY DON'T THEY?
I don't believe things easily. One shouldn't. A little skepticism doesn't hurt anyone.
s1 has this weird Firefox Persona and its animated. I hate it. I've changed it twice but she changes it back again. Grr.
I don't like associating myself with things that the whole world is talking about. Fame ruins everything. Most of the time. When something gets famous, everybody starts talking about it. Half of them don't even know why. They just want in on all the hype. So i start hating it. It just ruins it for me. -.-
I love food. I mean. I need a friend. Who loves to cook. And who'd keep making the YUMMIEST dishes for me. And i'd eat em all. =[ I really need that friend.
I need to do SO many things. I need to enjoy more.
Okay bye. Enough talking for tooday. Not reallly.


Tazeen said...

I like how you think. (:

The queen of nowhere. said...

It is very narrow minded of you to think that drinking black coffee makes someone cool. It's just the taste that might appeal to someone. For example, you like the WEEELY milky coffee, which everyone might not like. Hence, stop being judgmental, will you :p? I like your blog :p.

The Me. said...

Tazeen: Haha yay!

nowhere queen: LOL? =p I don't have an issue with people preferring black/strong coffee. I have an issue with people who think they look cool when they tell you that they drink black coffee. I've come across people like that, and its annoying, cuz it ain't something to boast about. :/ Narrow minded ki kuch lagti -.- .