Saturday, December 11, 2010


I like coming back from get togethers with my friends.
I like my friends.
I like it when my pictures have a reddish orangish sepia-ish tinge.
I like new songs that I listen to, over and over again. And again.
I like typing on other people's cellphones.
I like when the background music matches whats going on at the moment. In my life.
I like typing on laptops.
I like wearing extra long sleeves so that i can only see the tips of my fingers.
I like staying in bed in the morning, with my face cold and everything else warm inside the blanket.
I like chewy candies.
I like the chewy white thing in Toblerone.
I like fighting with my friends for food.
I like not laughing when i don't find a joke funny.
I like it when my dad buys me chocolates or little things like that.
I like eating dry fruits with mom.
I like ruining s1's neat notes, by doodling all over the page.
I like telling s2 that I hate her handwriting.
I like confusing people.
I like changing my cellphone's theme.
I like making my fish face.
I like holding Teetee.
I like money.
I like typing on cellphones just after i've cut my nails.
I like how balloons smell.
I like looking forward to dessert after food.
I like spreading my saintness.
I like relating to little moments in movies.
I like how music can change how i feel. Instantly.
I like it when people Like my comments on facebook.
I like the snooze button.
I like many other things. Why don't i write about them later?


Roshni said...

I like money too.

Ubaid said...

I like lots of things you like :D

Anonymous said...

feels pretty good reminding yourself of things you like isnt it? amazing cure for most problems..

Tazeen said...

I like just about everything that you like. (:

The queen of nowhere. said...

Oooo. Money :p.

The Me. said...

Roshni: Doesn't everyone? =D

Ubaid: Haha naiice.

Krish: Totally! =]

Tazeen: :D

Queen: Yeeees, money! :p