Thursday, December 23, 2010

Piano press.

I like Shia Lebeouff. Whats the spelling? Let me google it. Oh. It has a single f. Shia LeBeouf.
I went to the bazaar with mom today. To buy clothes and shit. I bought this pretty Black and white comforter, but mom thinks its way too thin for these winters so she's going to return it tomorrow. =[ I don't want her to. Lets see.
Last night was weird. It was attacking me. I had this REALLY bad headache. And i couldn't sleep, and I was cold and warm at the same time. And bas. OmG. And my body was tired and ache-y. So i turned on my cellphone's Online Radio, and searched 'Piano'. And there was this channel, called.. okay i forgot what it was called. But it was all about piano instrumentals. So i just put that on. And i went to sleep while listening to it. Yay Piano.
When things get too cute, it makes me sad.
I hate Pitbull. Its like pollution. If a song is a Clear fresh morning, then Pitbull in it, is like smoke and trucks honking. It makes my ears bleed.
At times Im so awesome, its unbelievable.
And no, Barney stinson ain't awesome. He lies.
Im a Barney hater.
Im watching WallStreet right now. Money never sleeps. Its fun. But I don't really get the whole Money lingo. Stocks and leverage and whatnot. =[ Never have. Never will.
I love my blog you see.
I wonder when i'll finally get the guts to change the template. =[
Grr. Okay. Bubye.

My post titles are getting randomer by the day.


Maria said...

The rest, I can stomach.
But NO! you can't hate Barney . . .
I mean, who DOESN'T lie?
Pliss. He is teh awesome. Barney, I mean.

The Me. said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. BARNEY SUCKS. It makes me sad. When people love Barney. =[

SaJ said...

Violin concertos.
For next time maybe?

Richa said...

Oh, no. Barney IS awesome.
I love your blog. But I love Barney so much too!

Roshni said...

You go shopping with your mum too. high-5.

Maria said...

Do you HAVE to hate him? If so, why?

Remya said...

I love your blog too :D
Awwww C'MON! Barney IS awesome. :|
How're the winters going for yoo? ^_^

The Me. said...

SaJ: Haha. I also came across this Bach channel that day. And I listen to that too now. I love it. :D

Richa and Remya: =[ I hate that people like Barney. But you get points for liking my blog x].

Roshni: *hi-5* :D

Maria: I can't stop hating hiimm. I can't help it. I wish someone would agree with me about how lame he is =[ .