Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rainstorms in my head.

The necessary death of Charlie Countryman. What a weird name for a movie. Extra long too i think. But man oh mayen! I loved it. I don't know if it was because i'm a little too emotional right now or maybe because it was in fact as good as i think it was. Evan Rachel Woods. The last time i saw her was when i googled Marilyn Manson back in school. But shes's amazing in this movie. So is Shia Lebouf. He runs a lot in all his movies don't you think? And the music. Loooved it. Perfect movie for tonight.

So i did mention that I'm emotional right? Well that's basically because of two things. Well, actually a number of things but i'll tell you a few. One of them is the fact that I'm going home next week and God knows how homesick i was lately. Then last night mom called and she said the house feels empty and boring and lonely and she misses us. So I decided to screw college, and attendance and all that shit, and go home. To my babies. As in, mom and dad. YAY.

Also. I've been feeling a bit weird lately. I don't know, about life in general. I suppose feeling a little weird is okay but i have been feeling this significant void or restlessness or dissatisfaction or i don't know what to call it. But it's something and it's there. And it's relatively new. So there's that.

Also I have this bad chest infection + flu + stomach issues. And i'm sick of being sick.

I am always ready for a rainstorm. Always.

Haha. s2 has been telling everyone that i'm not well. First she told everyone downstairs. And then she also told me mom. Also s2 is a sneaky shit who reads all my posts. Hi man. Hi. K. Yes i will write about you later sometime. Maybe we should have an interesting (read: retarded) conversation and i could blog about it.

So this other movie that i watched was called Admission. Tina Fey. Watching shit movies with a 37% rating on Rotten tomatoes is a special kind of mood elevating therapy. You should try it.

Umm. Okay bye now.

Also. I mean. I LOVE EVERYBODY WHO COMMENTS. I LOVE YOU. AND I LOVE ALL THE COMMENTS BECAUSE I just love that tiny orange font on my dashboard. And also because it's always a pleasant surprise to find out that people are actually reading this stuff. Makes me feel warm and nice.

Oh also. If any of you knows about an AMAZING song that will change my life, please suggest. Because seriously. There's no good music anymore.


SaJ said...

Reading your blog is therapy. :-D True story!
If you haven't already, watch Rush.
And the social circle breakdown.
And the way way back.
And maybe, Frozen.


Insomnicalthoughts said...

I love your random rants :) just recently started reading blogs and i love urs so far!! X

divdeswar! said...

Are you a geminian?coz that void part ,we get restless when the things are too smooth or monotonous! I read your blog every time you post something. And song by natasha bedingfield 'sunshine' and 'unwritten' should at least make to sing!

The Me. said...

Saj: I'm always up for movie suggestions! I've seen Rush, twice. Loved it. :D
Aaand. Cool I'll check the other ones out. Frozen I tried to download but couldn't find a good torrent. It's on my list.

Insomniac: Yayie! Do keep reading (:

Divdeswar: haha interesting. But I'm a Piscean. Is that a word? Piscean. Maybe.
And thanks for commenting, silent reader! :>

Sadia Malik said...

you are emotional (sensitive?) ---- significant void or restlessness or dissatisfaction is a result of that. i guess.

been reading your stuff since you started and LOVE reading it. though back then i didnt use to comment as such...

have you heard Lana Del Rey? i think she's good.

oh and do share your conversation with S1 or S2. i used to love reading that :)

Thoth said...

Heroes - David Bowie.

The Me. said...

Sadia: Emotional? Maybe.
Yeah I know Lana Del ray. Blue Jeans was my exam song 2 years ago. Haha.
Thankyou though :D

Thoth: Hmm. Not life changing. But it's perfect for a drive. Empty road. Lots of wind.

Astha said...

I KNOW THAT WEIRD FEELING!I feel it all the time. True story.

Also, listen to 'Home' by Jack Jhonson. It's so simple, and so beautiful :)