Friday, February 7, 2014

Something about friends.

I was having this conversation with a friend some months ago where i asked him to tell me 3 qualities that he couldn't stand in people. Personality traits that he hated. He named a few and i named a few. After i named mine, i realized that almost all of my friends, even the closest ones, possessed one or more of the qualities that i had mentioned. And then i was like. Whaaa wait.What? What does this say about me? Do i deliberately befriend people who tend to piss me off? How did i manage this?
To be honest,  I don't really know.
But then I hung out with a childhood friend today who has the most absurd ideas about life and people, most of which are exactly opposite to mine. We had coffee with our legs crossed on the sofa, complained about our siblings, criticized the cake for being too dry and i tried (-and failed) to give her a plot summary of Game of Thrones, and it made me realize  that maybe that's what friends are. Maybe that one thing (or more) that you connect\ bond over, overshadows every other shitty thing that you might hate about them if they weren't your friend.
So they might annoy you, and you might hate their guts at times, they're still your friends.
And maybe that's what it is about right?


Ridx said...

Exactly. We all are flawed. But then its important to get over the flaws and instead of changing them, just find something that overshadows all the flaws.

Hiiiiii after a long time! <3

Astha said...

Sometimes friends need to be different to balance each other out. If you agree on everything, then conversations won't be so interesting. No? I hate a little part of all my friends, but overall I mostly love them. So it's okay :)

Sadia Malik said...


Voice Of Reason said...


I don't comment very often here but I absolutely LOVE how honest and raw your posts are. And it's amazing Mashallah that you take time to post here. Every time I come here, you remind me how important it is to stay connected with my true self.

With love,
from Karachi.

P.S: You're also the reason I started bonding with my younger sister and I can't thank you enough for it. :)

The Me. said...

Rida: You're back i see. Hii! *waves*

Astha: Haha i guess so. Difference in views is always welcome though! (:

Sadia: Right.

Voice of Reason: That is the sweetest comment man :D THANKYOU! Seriously. I'm glad that my funny little blog helped you in any way at all. [:

Zeba said...

That's exactly what's it's about. Ah life. Sigh.

I Romanticize said...

Yes and No.

Its okay if friends disagree with you - no two people are alike, but I hope that they are not making you miserable.