Monday, January 13, 2014


*While on the phone with N at 3 a.m when she was having a really bad night*

N: I'm not sleepy. I think I'm going to cry after I hang up.
Me: yeah I think so too.
N: I'm so hungry you have no idea.
Me: Go eat something.
N: Yeah I might. Sandwich maybe?
Me: Something heavy that makes you feel all drowsy. Infact, eat a lot.
N: So you're basically encouraging me to binge at this time?
Me: Yup, that, and then cry a bit, but not too much and you'll be ready to fall asleep. Ah. What sucky advice.
N: Haha yeah..But I'd kill you if you said anything else.

Sometimes shit advice is the right advice.


FYF said...

hi so this will sound weird but I am stuck in a rut and let's be friends

The Me. said...

How cool. Lets! :>