Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This year.

This year:

I moved to a new house.
I realised that people are full of shit.
And that words mean nothing.
Overgrew my friends from home.
Went out of my comfort zone and invited my roomates to stay at my place for about a month.
Went out of my comfort zone and spent almost two months at my best friend's house.
And realised that i wasn't out of my comfort zone.
Gained some unnecessary weight.
Saved money from time to time and shopped a lot.
 Felt disconnected and disillusioned.
Saw a lot of my people breakdown..
Broke down.
Started a real poke war with Nd.
Kept my cool during exams. (relatively)
Started to question my choice of career. A lot.
Decided to diversify my colour choice in clothes.
Ended up buying everything in black.
Fell more in love with my parents.
Came to terms with some issues that i had been avoiding dealing with.
Cried in front of N for the first time in 8-9 years.
Caught up with an old friend and stayed in touch.
Started playing Candy Crush and let level 165 beat me.
Had more twisted dreams than ever before.
Cut my hair short.
Spent a lot of time away from the hostel.
I'd like to go have a meal at a pub called The ugly duckling or something.
That's so irrelevant. Haha.
Spent the last day of the year with the same friends who I claim to have outgrown. Had fun.
Cried over the death of people's loved ones and thought a lot about death.

Hmm. Seems like I did not do much this year. Nothing big or significant. Well, of course, all of the little things were important in their own way. But. Nothing huge happened. Not really. Wow. God..That's not a very good thing.
Shit. I'm going to be 22 this year and I MUST DO SOMETHING AWESOME AND LIFE ALTERING!

Also. Am I the only one to whom 2014 sounds really futuristic?
Oh well. 
Here's to the future.


Thoth said...

Wish you luck
general happiness
and dreams!

OMG i sound so mature.

The Me. said...

yes thankyou. :p

But where is your new year's post?

Furree Katt said...

2014 indeed sounds futuristic! I read somewhere that it's gonna be the year of money $ and that 2013 was the year of the hashtag # according to our keyboars. OUR KEYBOARDS ARE THE 'KEY' TO DISCOVERING THE SECRETS OF THE FUTURE OMG

Well, I went totally off-track there. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year, and please never stop blogging because yours is one of the few I genuinely enjoy and look forward to reading. I love the general format that your posts take. Thanks for sharing your side of the year gone by with us! xoxo

The Me. said...

Aw thanks man. You're being too sweet!
Year of hashtags it certainly was. I never used it though. Out of stubbornness I guess. :p

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