Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book club pliss?

There needs to be a book club. Or something.  In Lahore.

Weekly meetings.
Discuss books.
Have coffee.
Good conversation.
Exchange books.


WHAT SAY YOU? *imagine a big brother poster pointing at you*


I Romanticize said...

That is my heaven right there :-). I hope you find one soon!

Astha said...

I visited your blog after I saw your comment on mine. Dude, you sound so much like me. Enjoyed reading a lot of your posts. I like how they are about everything and nothing :)

Sara A. said...

There is a book club arranged by Desi Writer's Lounge every month. Look them up on facebook or twitter and maybe you can join the Lahore chapter next month. :)

arsheena gowani said...

Oh I crave for such a thing. a baithak with some hot coffee on cold winter evenings with pieces of heaven in the form of good books.
looking for one in Karachi, I hope we both find our heaven soon :)

Thoth said...

There are a couple of bookclubs in Lahore. People are not any smarter in them.
Go to Readings, the rightmost shelves from entrance, pick any book, sit on floor and read. That's how real gs read. Or you can hit old bookshops.
Bookclubs are for wannabes. They represent the urge to socialize. Don't socialize. Everything you want to read is already on internet.

The Me. said...

romanticize: sounds good doesn't it? (:

astha: Hello! yeah you're right I guess. Everything and nothing. Thankyou! :>

sara: oh I've heard about that I think. I'll check it I out thanks!

asheena: I miss coffee! :o

Thoth: You make my little idea sound so bad! I always feel like going to readings and spend some good time but I feel that if I stay too long they'll be like Go home. :/