Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Hello earthlings.
How is every one doing?
Isn't the weather amazing or what?
s2 came to pick me from the hostel yesterday evening and we hung out. 
She paid for the food.
We are watching movies, and eating a lot and sleeping in.
I love it when i walk in the cold and my face freezes.
This month has been good. Last week was insane. We went out everyday. 
Good times. Good company.
Some of it sucked. I was really sad. 
I hung out with N too. We shopped and ate fries.
Watching so many movies these days.
College is a drag as usual. No improvement there.
There is one class i enjoy. Because of the professor who teaches it. 
Otherwise, uninspired and bored.
I need exercise. Need to eat healthy.
Parents coming today.
Finished Imran Khan's book last night. I have so many opinions.
Get me talking and I'll never stop.
Fluffy pancakes and sausages for breakfast.
Not happening.
I like the idea of 24 hours not being enough in a day.
I was lucid today. In a dream. In a dream. I think it's the second time that's happened.
I'm going to start reading this book that someone gave me.
Saw this documentary last night on the Placebo effect.
Going to watch The Butler when the light comes.

Okay then.


Red Handed said...

what an eventful life!!!
I want fluffy pancakes too.

The Me. said...

Haha it doesn't feel very eventful. :p