Monday, November 4, 2013

Bullets 16.

YES. A bullet post. I'm excited. Are you? Okay. Here goes.

* The worst is over...sort of. I am quite surprised at how, mightiusetheword gracefully i behaved through all of it? Well okay. s2 would beg to differ. But i'm talking generally. There were no more than 2 panic attacks and i stayed up most nights. Alone. How nice. Anyway. There's more to come but that too shall pass! Until then, let's all be graceful and shiz.

* I went out with college friends the other day and then spent an entire day with N. We shopped. And ate. And talked and got really tired. And even though i might have to starve for the next week or so, I'm glad i did it. Overspent, overslept, overate. Over everything. Moderation is not my middle name. Okay that does not make much sense. But yeah.

* The things that people do hardly ever surprise me. But lately,and not so lately, certain events have confused me a little. Made me wonder, and think and wonder some more. I still haven't been able to figure them out. Which is new.

This is home. And the wallpaper on my phone.
* I want cake. I always want cake. Remember that! There are some cupcakes in the fridge but they're not nice. I shall make do with candy. Did i tell you? The roomies went out for shopping so i asked them to bring me back something good. r2 got me CANDY! :') Just like that.

* I've had a break from studying and now i can not get back to it. I will watch movie after movie after movie. Watched the Dead Poet's Society again last night. What a beauty that movie is. Also watched the Conjuring. Now i have to sleep cross legged because I'm afraid someone's going to grab my foot. Will watch Side Effects and An officer and a gentleman next. Yay.

* Okay so I'm watching High Fidelity for some reason. And i'm finding John Cusack to be pretty hateful. He's annoying and my stomach hurts. Bad, bad combo.

* Today is such a dead day is it not? Nothing is moving. Showers are the magic. The magic, i tell you.

* Read up a little about 3D printing. Seems interesting. Need to know more.

* Some songs are made for winter. I was made for winter. I'm a winter baby. Winter bones. And winter feet. And a wintery nose.

I feel like i wanted to write so much more, but hardly anything came out. That's not a good feeling. Oh well.
Till next time, i guess. 

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