Saturday, September 21, 2013

You know. Things are going to change. Life will get hard. And just when you feel like you're getting a grasp at it, it will get harder. And you will be pushed a thousand miles out of your comfort zone. There won't be many safety nets left for you to fall back on and you might feel like your life is a never ending downward spiralling whirlpool of shit. 


I think the key to surviving it is to hold on to the few things that keep you sane. And to hold on tight. Because some things and some people you have to take for granted. You have to. Or else there's nothing at all. And who can live like that? I can't. I need my anchor. And as long as I have that, that unrelenting faith, as long as I get to feel what I feel with the people I love, I will have the strength to deal with the brilliant (cantbelieveimsayingthis) f**kery that life is.

And that is all.


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Ridx said...

True. You should hold on to some of the things that keep you sane. :)