Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dead blogs and thought drains.

The blogging world is dead. My obsolete orkut account must have more activity than my dashboard these days. Excusetheexaggeration. But really, what the hell? Where is every body? -___-
Answer me!

Anyway. That being said, time to whine about other things.

Had one of my recurring dreams again today. Crash and burn. I was also a princess and excited to be one. I'm studying about coxsackie viruses and also thinking about what made Sylvia plath put her head in the oven. I'm grateful to God that I have matured enough to feel love for my parents, the kind that breaks my heart. And also for the little nap between a heavy breakfast and a cup of coffee. Mom told me that our old chaukidar baba, as we used to call him is really sick and she was thinking of going to visit him. We spent two minutes reminiscing about him but dropped the topic before either of us could tear up. I was never this prone to allergy. It's like one day I was sleeping and someone injected me with a truck full of IgE antibodies. I'll never be the same. I wish water had caffeine. Yuck. No. Cosmic love. Is exactly the amount of grand I want it to be. And Grace kelly makes me happy like a bird. I've always imagined ichor to be like mercury. Imagine that running through your veins. Do not bring my sour side out my friends. I don't like it either. Teray tun main, teray mun main, teray ghar ko aag lag jaaye, aur tujhe jaag na aaye. Memories. Beautiful and rich. Warm. Like cookies right out of the oven with cream. The brain will take what it can take. Conversations turning into white haze. Fuel and fire. I love the sound a xylophone makes. My cousin used to own one and how envious I was. I still remember the white closet full of all the toys she had. Problem with me is. I try to imagine everybody's life. Get into their skin. Atticus finch, you made an impression. When I was fourteen I read books that I was too young for perhaps. Dad doesn't understand my love for white chocolate and chocolate mint. Oh well.


Ridx said...

I love white chocolate and chocolate mint. High five. yay.

oh Sylvia Plath </3

Anonymous said...

Sighs.. White chocolate and mint chocolates! My absolute love! It's a pity that most people hate these two

Ayesha Khatri said...

i dont like mint chocolate

jennifer anderson said...

blogs arnt dead. some of them are just getting started!

The Purple Assassin. said...

White chocolates can make my day! Mint doesn't work for me though.

Zee Zoo said...

A good quality white chocolate i can handle but mint chocolate?? Nope!!

Zee Zoo from Memoirs of an Amnemonic Mind

Xeb said...

Tis true. I've been blogging for a long-long time, and this place really has become vacant somehow. Sad, but true.

Ally said...

I did not know that the blogging world was dead, I thought it was just me. I am glad you are still blogging though. I always get this happy feeling when I see you new posts. Don't stop posting. <3

Damaged Nerd said...

- I posted something on my blog after ages, almost 18 months. I have no clue what happened to the blogging world, really.

- I do miss some of the totally lame, and retarded Orkut days, to be honest.

- Wow, that is some rant you got there.

- No, really. That IS some rant.

- Crash and burn dreams? Too many games played? Burnout?

- I wish water had caffeine, in real. Tch. Too bad.

- "I try to imagine everybody's life. Get into their skin" - Glad, I'm not the only lunatic.

- I am addicted to mint. I'm not complaining!

- That did feel good. I can totally relate to how you must have felt, then. =D

The Me. said...

Haha. By the amount of attention the white chocolate bit got, I should've named the post 'dead blogs and white chocolate'.
My dad thinks chocolate mint tastes like soap. :/

xeb: Nah you're not the only one. I actually like the fact that you update your blog regularly. Everybody else is dead. -.-

Ally: Hiii. always nice to see your comments. ((: they make me happy. thanks for reading.

nerd: hello. Haha. you think that was a rant, you should check out some of my older posts. There is a Rant series I have going on over here. And no. Crash and burn actually referred to a flying yellow train that crashed in my dream. (: burnout was a fun game though.

thankyou all for commenting. :')