Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bullets 15.

People in general have gone crazy haven't they? With their crazy little bubble worlds. Of course that includes me too but I have always been awesome at crazy.

 I feel like reading a dickens novel infront of a fireplace. Oh God I'm going to love this house in winters. French vanilla except for when it gets really sweet at the end.

 Roomies think I'm nice and responsible at home. They're surprised. But when you love something, someplace, someone so much, how can you be any other way?

I now own an original Dr.Who tshirt and a Sherlock one. I love them both. Also because they were gifts from two different people and I didn't even ask them for it. 

 I'm not a robot and I hate people who want to be robots and do just one thing all day. Fixed routines and clockwork. No thought, no feeling. No new insights.

  I'm having trouble dealing with the transient nature of everything. I think I'm spending too much time trying to hold things together. And it's draining me of energy.

 I want to learn Lucid Dreaming. I'm sure I can do it. I just need to focus. Except that focus is the one thing I badly lack. Well let's see. 

 Can you believe that I've had to reduce my caffeine intake because I feel like all this exogenous energy will burn a hole through my intestines? Yeah, I can't either. 

 I'm growing up and I'm changing. I know this. I can feel it. I know I'm being twisted and moulded right now from all directions and it hurts but it will be for the better. 

 I surprised N on her birthday last week. Along with her boy D and her friends. It was a success. I shopped till late and gave an exam earlier that morning. At night my eyes hurt and I wished for everyday to be like that.

 Empathy. It's the best thing and the worst thing for me really.


jennifer anderson said...

you have a lot on your mind!

The Me. said...

Don't we all?