Friday, May 10, 2013

Rambling on.

Hello, little people.

So, I'm home. For the elections obviously. It's big. And I'm glad to be a part of it. Anyhow.
It's a short trip. I can't wait for college to end. I want long days at home with a nice proper routine that i could follow. That would give me some peace. I'm using s1's new laptop. I really like it. I think it takes some getting used to but i don't mind.
I made some really nice coffee for myself. Felt good. I might study a bit today.
Oh and i also made myself a fat sandwich in the morning. Yum!
I'm a little bit sick of everything. What an annoying state to be in.
I feel exploding love for my parents pretty much all the time these days. They have such big hearts. I mean. I can't explain it. It's quite over whelming a lot of times.
I'm reading this book that my friends gifted to me. The thing i love about books is how every book teaches you at least one new thing. It's amazing. Books. Yum. Nd took me along to a bookshop the other day so i could find him a book that would interest him. But we didn't have much time and me and s2 had to leave for home soon so i couldn't find one. It's hard to find him a book to read. Anyway i did suggest a few. So let's see. I need good books for myself too. Suggestions are most welcome.
I like rambling to myself. Oh my God, its 7 pm already. The day is ending way too fast for my liking. And tomorrow is of course going to be busy and I'm going back to Survival Camp after that. Not cool.
I need a new watch. Also I miss my old shampoo. What little things.
I had such a beautiful dream last night. It's torture. In a good way. I don't know. I love these dreams.
Oh and the other night, i had one million dreams. Actually i have been having one million dreams every night lately. My sleep isn't too good you know.
I was watching this movie called The Messenger. It was weird. Doesn't the guy in that remind you of
Tom Felton?
My mom likes to tire herself. Restless little bunny she is.
Hmm. I don't want to stop writing. I want coffee and cinnabon all the time. It's a great combination.
Dreamt about this thing called the Angel's Syndrome the other night.
I sometimes notice things about people. Really tiny things that they do. A habit, gesture, change of expression, a special undertone in their voice. Things too subtle to be explained. I sometimes want to make other people notice them but when i start talking about it, it sounds so far fetched and all over the place that i almost always give up. Just sayin.
Life is constantly moving forward, leaping ahead at full speed actually without any consideration for my plans or my mood or my anything. I mean, wait a bit will you?
Oh. I had to write about my friends. I met my home friends yesterday. After 4 months i think. It was great. I mean. I love them. They're sort of the craziest people i know. I don't have much in common with them. They're very lame a lot of times. But. They're friends. I feel a sense of belonging when i'm with them and trust me that does not come easy with me. They're just nice people. Really stupid and gossipy too. But nice. And i loved laughing with them yesterday. And even though we're all in different places right now, we  make sure we meet up from time to time and don't lose touch.
Oh God. This post is too long. Are you still reading? Funny, if you are. But okay.
So okay I think i'm done.
More later.

Also. I don't like Ratatouille. The movie. I didn't really like Despicable me much either. But I loved Megamind.
Thankyou and Good bye. 


Marwa Rehman said...

You didn't like Despicable Me?! WHAT?! *Shocked beyond words*

SaJ said...

What she said. ^^^ *outrage over you not liking Despicable me*