Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Face Enterer.

There is this girl in my class. I thought she was sweet and harmless so I was nice to her. And she once let me borrow a novel too. So. I said okay. Nice little girl.
Lately she's started hanging around me and my friends a lot more. I don't mind.

There's this thing.

Everytime she talks to you, she comes so close, like within an inch of your face and then refuses to move. I mean okay. Not an inch. Definitely more than a few inches but really really close okay? And it is ANNOYING. Also, she never takes her eyes off yours  so it also becomes a little creepy.
Whenever she talks to me, I feel like she's entering my face. Seriously.  Entering my freakin face. And since she's a little short so it actually feels like she's climbing my face.

I mean the other day some girls from my batch and I (including her) were prepping for our viva and she was asking me to explain something to her but as usual, I was distracted by the face entering. So I took a step back. She took a step forward. I took another step back. She took another step forward. We kept doing this till I got backed up by a wall. And then, I laughed a little. At my misery. She didn't even ask why I was laughing. All the while she was talking to me, all I could think of was what her reaction would be if I suddenly pushed her and went like 'STOP ENTERING MY FACE OMG!!@!@'. But that wasn't too realistic so I also came up with some normal things to say like 'Hey, please could you step back a little? :) '.
As expected though, I ended up saying nothing.

So for now, I'm stuck with the face enterer. Everytime I look sideways, she's just..there. It makes me cringe.


Thoth said...

Next time, preferably when you are alone, be a man and tell her that you don't like her standing so close to your face, in a polite manner. Ok?

CanYouHearMeNow? said...

This is probably the funniest thing I've read because I'd probably do the same thing you do, but wish I'd did thing thing you wish you'd did.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is so funny!

The Me. said...

Thoth: that would be so hard. And she'd be embarassed and confusedm I've decided to go with my second option. I'll politely and casually ask her to steo back a little.

Icanhearyou: hahah. Yay.

Sade: Hi. Haha. Funny and makes-you-want-to-claw-at-yourself kinda sad too.

Ghadeer said...

So awkward.

Talitha said...

Extreme proximity is the best form of flattery,to her maybe?

ishashime said...

People with little concept of personal space can be definitely annoying. You should've said something! Haha.

Morpheus said...

Okay I've had girls trying to hold my arm but this is new ^.^