Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stupid plans.

I was really looking forward to this Sunday. So here is what was supposed to happen.

I was supposed to wake up late, have a good breakfast, watch a stupid Summer-afternoon movie, and then get ready to go out with N, watch this play that we were supposed to watch, go back to her place, have coffee, talk talk talk, eat a lot of junk, and complete watching Django Unchained. And then she was supposed to drop me to college the next morning.

Here is what really happened:

I woke up crying. Because of this emotionally draining nightmare that I had about the death of someone i'm close to. I mean, I couldn't breathe. Really. Anyway after i was done crying, I cleaned the entire room with r2, and rearranged some furniture which is something i hate doing.Then I went out in the sun to grab breakfast. Decided to watch a nice stupid summer-afternoon movie, halfway through which N texted me to cancel our plans for the day. I mean. WHAT? I was super bummed. Texted my sisters who didn't reply, which made me want to kill everyone. So i went to sleep. Slept a lot. Woke up feeling hot. So i drank some super cold juice that was way too sweet but i mixed it with water which made it okay. This cooled me down. Now i'm hungry and have nothing to do. And so, this sucks.


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