Monday, April 22, 2013

Bullets 11.

* 'There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others.  My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.' - Elizabeth Bennet.

* I should be studying. I can't focus. I just changed into some really comfy pjs and a super comfy t shirt that is not mine. I think it's going to be my favourite shirt.

* My mom sent me a new bedsheet. Feels home-y. Makes me think of home.

* I don't like my sisters because they don't talk to me 24/7. S1 said that people have other important things to do. But I told her nothing was more important than me. Of course.

* Yesterday was close to perfect. I spent my day in a fully air conditioned room. Had coffee with cinnabon. The coffee was just the way I like it. I watched Harry Potter, and a french movie that had more french than english, and read parts of Pride and Prejudice. Delightful.

* Next time I go home, I'm going to be in our new house. I didn't say goodbye to the old one. It was deliberate. I hate goodbyes. They are messy. So I just left. Without a thought. Told s2 to take lots of pictures before shifting.

* I skyped with my family last night. It felt really good. I feel at peace when everyone is happy and getting along with each other.

* N is a little here and there these days. Don't get to talk to her as much as I would like to. Considering how hungry for social I am nowadays.

* I love my phone too much.

* I want to travel. So bad. Send me a ticket to somewhere someone please.

* I can't memorize these stupid drugs. I keep forgetting them.

* r2 just burst out laughing while drinking water. That has happened twice today.

* I have this black shirt that has a huge peace sign on it.  I want to wear it.

Hmm. Okay bye. More later.


Thoth said...

Ask R2 about her crush maybe?

Anonymous said...

Its weird but I think I know who you are. :/ are you by any chance an army brat?

SaJ said...

I've missed too many bullets.
Missage has happened.
I'm wondering about the French movie.
Now I'm thinking about Lana Del Rey.
I want bedsheets from home too.
All I got was a pillowcase.
Dobby is a free elf!

The Me. said...

Thoth: No nothing like that. She has just started laughing a lot. I secretly take credit for that.

Anonymous: Aww how interesting. Sorry to disappoint you though. No army scene here. (:

saJ: Missage! This is just like how Contage happens.
I still haven't finished that french movie. Lana del ray looks like a warhero's girlfriend.
I want a Dobby.

Zeba said...


Morpheus said...

I love you.