Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bullets 10.

- Turns out People were right. I am in fact a Pushover. I am trying to fight it.

- Today really tested my patience. How can fifty thousand things go wrong? And all in one day too?

- I went to this huge shop today full of books and stationery. And for some time, i totally forgot how sleepy or tired of grumpy i was. And that felt good.

- Last night i was so sleepy that I started dreaming before i was properly asleep. I like that kind of exhaustion.

- I am watching a movie that I've watched before and I really shouldn't be wasting my time on that.

- I did end up going out with N the other day to watch a play and also stayed over at her place later. Me, her and her guy D, walked around a lot, watched a movie, sat in silence for more than an hour, window shopped, actually shopped, ate ice cream twice, and walked back to their college all the while talking and whining about all kinds of shit. It was nice, the walking. My heels still hurt.
- Survival mode needs to be turned on. There's no other way.

- This girl in my class. She's sort of a friend of a friend. I sat next to her today. She often talks to me about books. And today, she told me that she thinks that i should try writing. Properly. And I'm like. Well I can't. And a little while after I was done explaining to her why i couldn't, she told me that she has this really weird keychain that is very Me, and that she was going to bring it for me.
This amused me. People are so random.

- I want to read Steve Job's biography.

- I have come to realize that I really love Gol gappay. I welcome gol gappay anytime anyday.

- My college is getting on my nerves. And I have been over compensating.

- I feel the need to keep moving. Stillness breeds depression.

- I love intelligent people. Love.

- Need to fix my moral compass amidst other things.

- I don't understand why people quote Marilyn Monroe so much.


Raajii said...

These are such cute pieces of your life. Thank you for sharing.

And no, I dont get the Marilyn Monroe thing either :-)

Kashaf A. said...

I don't get the quoting marilyn monroe waali cheez when you don't know anything about her. I mean why the pancake do you have to compare that amazing lady to yourself? *facepalm*

Morpheus said...

Intelligent people = hard to find.
Frickin facts.