Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter awaits.

There's so much to be done.

I have books that need to be read. Movies that need to be watched, alone with a blanket on top. Dialogues to be pondered upon and little movie moments to fall in love with. Friends that i need to hang out with and drink coffee and eat croquettes with, and go crazy with, friends to celebrate freedom with, friends to eat chocolate mint with, friend to spend a day at the mall with, friend to spend a weekend with, friend to stay up all night with. Songs to be downloaded and made favorites of. There's winter shopping to be done. Skinny jeans to be worn and huge ass sweaters to be snuggled into.There's all those trips that I've planned with all my people. The coffee. And the frozen yogurt. And the french fries and Cheese Naan. There's home to go back to. There's mom to eat peanuts with and s1 to have long conversations with and dad to make coffee for and s2 to make stupid plans with. There's my new phone to wait for. There are weddings to be attended and festivity to be celebrated. There are beginnings that need to begin. There's a roof that needs walking on, and a sky above that that needs to be stared at in search of constellations that i'm always on the lookout for. And then there's more.

 Blogposts need to be written about how amazing life is, not about how ugly exams are. 

Oh, and this song please.


Furree Katt said...

OMG I totally need to watch movies and listen to songs... BUT MUHARRAM IS HERE. Haha.

Finally a non-exam-related post! Yay you. -big hug-

Laterally Moved. said...

I love this post, it's so. Powerful.

Talitha said...

I know the feeling...the world is lovely with everything in it!
The song was great too..dum de dum de dum!