Monday, November 5, 2012

*Emo exam journal.

My blog is slowly turning into a depressing exam journal. Or has it already?

Well. Last night, was terrible. Panic attack no. 3429042 struck. And i decided to sleep early. W2 and Nd brought me food, and kept knocking on my door for what seemed like an hour, (but was only five minutes actually). But I pretended to be asleep (even though I texted W2 only about ten minute before that) till they went away. Anyway. So i stayed in bed for over an hour trying to force myself to sleep. After which i did eventually fall asleep. 
These days are just..bad. There are good parts of the day and then there are the bad parts. The mornings are okay. The afternoons are usually nice and full of promise. The evenings are okay too. But the nights. Oh I dread the nights.
My head hurts. I just took a panadol.
I want to be by myself today. I don't want make an appearance infront of anyone. I just want to stay in bed, and study (yuck), and be in my pyjamas. I love these pyjamas. They're funky. I don't want anybody to knock on the door or to call me downstairs for lunch or dinner, or to ask me a question about the brain or anything.
I miss watching Suits. It made me laugh so much. Now there's nothing. There's Dr.who, but Suits is suits. Oooh. There's Downton Abbey. That's a comfort show. I'll watch that.

A part of me wants to be reckless, and watch Downton and eat Soup. But there's no soup. I know if i asked Nd to get it for me, he would. Nd and W2 are really nice. Remind me to do a post about them.
Okay enough. I'll study now. Yuck.


Laterally Moved. said...

Please mention that Nd and W2 are married. I can see confusion on people's faces.

And I'm not blogging purely for the reason that it will become an exam blog. God. Profs take OVER you.

The Me. said...

Man, you could've told me that you changed your name. I was like, who is this. (not really wesay, it was pretty obvious). Still.

And I didn't really write anything that would make it important for people to know they're married. O.o

The post i will do on them though, will mention it. So don't worry. =p

Lubaina E. said...

Well don't be tensed, it's all gonna be fiiine :D

Besta luck for your exams.