Friday, November 9, 2012

*Bullets 7.

Its 3 a.m and I'm nowhere near finishing my goal for tonight. Calls for a bullet post.

- I'm annoyed. People are sleeping. I need people right now. There are no people. No strangers even.

- I found out that Before Midnight is going to be out next year. I can't wait. Watched before sunrise and before sunset again. And that made me want to talk. To someone i don't know. That would be ideal.

- I miss my parents.

- I want to read profound poetry all of a sudden. That's pretty unexpected. Or a novel. Something that would make me go like. Shit. Something that would blow me away. Hmm. I'll find something after my exams end.

- I never buy shoes. I don't remember the last time I went out to buy a pair of shoes. Also. I treat my socks like my shoes.

- I like the sound of my typing. Everything's so silent. Typing sounds nice.

Ok. That is all.

OH. Look at Mr.cuddles. This made me go AWWWWWW. And i'm not an Aww person. Everyone knows that. But Mr.cuddles is just. Ah. See yourself.

The switch is quite loose and keeps falling out. This is how my roomate decided to fix the problem.


Furree Katt said...

That has to be the most adorable solution I have ever witnessed!

And I like the sound of my typing, too. Even more on my old and worn out Blackberry. That's somehow louder than the ancient desktop keyboard I use!

Ghadeer said...

Creative solution ;)

Lubaina E. said...

HAHHAHAAHA. Good to see Mr.cuddles came in handy :D
I like the way you rant. following (:

Nilaambari said...

Thats such a cute pic and a nice name :)