Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have all these ideas in my head. I'd give anything to be able to channel them out. In whatever form. It makes me miserable, not being able to.


Thoth said...

I like you dreams. I dream a lot too, Other day i had a dream that me and friend wanted to race. My friend has bought a new car and i don't know how to drive. And we drive around and streets were like weird and we go straight to mountains, and there is nothing i am just driving and my friend is leading and then his girl friends shows up and stops us both from racing calling us immature. And we were like really embarrassed even though 'nothing to be emabrassed about' is like my catchphrase bolay tou takiya kalam.That's pretty much what i remember. Day before i had weird dream too, but you beat me in weird dreams, like hands down.

The Me. said...

Your dream is like not too weird you know. I also like added new dreams to the dream page. Like check them out.

A. Zahra said...

Just start DOING things. Like if your idea revolves around..i don't know, making a bag, just get on to starting on it and basically just act on those things. That usually helps me.

Thoth said...

Checked them and holy hell. Do you drugs?

Anyway i had a dream yesterday that i was walking in some park sort of place or may be a grand road type thing with a friend. It was probably a guy and i have no idea who it was and we were walking and all of a sudden a snake crosses my path. Big shiny beautiful snake, not a python, mind you and just swirls in that S shape from one side of fences to the other. I was like i want to kill it but like if u dont disturb beasts they dont mess with you. So i was like cool bro snake, u pass i am not gonna hurt you. And then there was another one and then another one. And another. And there was this snake with two tales. All just crossing my path from one side to another. So i was like, i want to kill it but ok let's not mess with them cause they are like too many.
So yeah. Weird, right?

The Me. said...

Zahra: yeah i wish i could just DO things. Problem is, i have an attention span of a two year old. -.- very easily distracted.

Thoth: Okay yes, this one's weird. I find all snake dreams weird..evil sort of. I had this one where i'm at my cousins place and i see a lizard on the wall. But then it turns into a toad. And then a crocodile. And then it keeps morphing into reptile after ugly reptile before finally turning into a gigantic snake that filled the entire room. Ehh.
No, i don't do drugs. I thought maybe too much caffeine, but not really. So. Mehh.