Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bullets 2.

I made tea today. And then sprinkled coffee over it. Overdid it a little. Wasn't so bad.

I love my new green towel. It's the softest. I want to hug it.

I lost my brand new Galaxy s3 four days after i bought it. Let'snottalkaboutit.

Nd buys me novels. Without me having to ask for them. It's like I have an awesome free supply of all the books i want to read. He just gets them for me. I love that. Reading, Girl who played with fire, these days.

I'm desperate to pass my Biochemistry viva and test. And my upcoming Brain substage, and then the Stage. Plisspliss.

My stomach's acting weird towards caffeine, as if i've never had it before. And towards mangoes. Weird.

This time next month, i'll be home. Ah. Joy.

Hugh jackman looks really good in Real Steel. The kid in that movie is fun.

I need to discipline myself. In every aspect. Really really need to. Things are getting out of control again.

I had a dream, in which i had a dream in which 6 cats, in my living room kept staring at me in the middle of the night. Creepy.

I'm reading a lot of blogs these days. Silently though. Which isn't too nice, i know. But at least i'm reading them. So, yeah. Okay.

Bunking goodfornothing lectures with W is fun. We talk a lot. A LOT. And it's fun.

I stole this really comfy shirt from s2 the other day. It has black and gray stripes on it. I love it.

I have flu. Since. Forever. I think. It's permanent.

The cafe downstairs serves this rice dish called Masala rice. I have reason to believe that they drug it. It hasn't been once that i had a plate of masala rice and not fallen asleep right after i got done. Not even once. So yeah. More like. Charsi rice. Beleev yoo me.

I want to laugh really really hard right now.

Alright bye.


Nur R. said...

You and phones. Not really a match made in heaven.

Nur R. said...

Plus putting chars in yo rice is probably not too economically feasible for the poor cafewallas :P

SaJ said...

What happens when things get out of control?
Do you start using real bullets?
For your valentine.
Invisible ones.
Or not.

BT said...

I wish I had a friend like Nd, and next time you should try slipping some vanilla into your tea instead.

Furree Katt said...

you write so prettily! i always love reading your blog posts.


and you commented on my recent post so i am really ecstatic that you weren't silent on my blog yayayayayay

♥ ♥

The Me. said...

Nur: Haha. Seems like you've been reading my blog off and on since you know about the previous phone getting stolen too im guessing. You'd find it interesting to know that my previous three phones before that also got stolen. Awesome? I know. -.-

saj: When things get out of control?
I drive tanks.
Over cats.
And carraiges.
Real ones.
There you go.

BT: i love how regularly you comment. Thank you! Just so you know, i do read your blog too. And vanilla. Hmm. Shall do that once i get home!

Furreekat: prettily? Haha thanks. And yeah, couldn't resist commenting on that weird shirt story. :o

Morpheus said...

HI wittleson.
Im back.
Also, gotta agree with N here.

Aaand, mom has developed the same thing against mangoes. Weird.

Morpheus said...

*Towards mangoes.


Moonie said...

pait ko dafa karo. aam khao, charsi chawal khao, khush ho ke so jao. ive been having those dreams in dreams a lot aaj kal. kaafi scary hotay hain.