Friday, February 24, 2012

Of the past two weeks.

A lot happened these past two weeks.

First. My phone got stolen. Today. From the hostel. I can't believe a girl, a student, studying medicine, would actually steal a phone. That's just low.
I feel paralyzed. It had over 2000 pictures in it. Memories. It had notes. That i'd written over time. Happy and sad ones. They're all gone. Just like that. Ah.

We had Literary Week at college, and then Sports Week. It was fun. Because studies were at a minimum. And me and the roomies decided to join the Aerobics group for the Sports day. There was some hardcore last minute practice and guess what. We won. Winning's the best.

Went out a lot this past week. Had good food. Finally went to Joyland and took my favourite rides. The meanest ones. Came back with bruises. Awesome.

Weird things also happened. Which i won't be writing much about. But yeah they did. Annoying things happened, and frustrating things happened. And then I was sad and angry. But oh well. Okay.

Im home btw. Just reached. About an hour ago. Its supposed to be a short trip. I've decided to not expect much from it. My short trip, i.e. I just want it to be short and sweet. And that's that.

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