Saturday, February 4, 2012

A case of exploding happiness.

I don't remember the last time the weather was THIS pretty. I don't. I'm walking in the hostel grounds. There's cold wind blowing constantly. In my hair and on my face and i can't feel my hands anymore. It smells of rain. A few drops fall infrequently. There's something so infectiously fresh about this wind. I can't describe it. Im on my own. With headphones on. Hot noodles and Little women (the movie) await me in my room upstairs. I love this. I could explode. I'm just. Glad to be alive. Right now. In this moment.
This shit is magical.
And i can't contain it.

p.s. All that's missing is Subway's Roasted Beef sub. I could kill for one right now.
Also, i watched When Harry met Sally last night. I liked it.


Ally said...

Sounds like the kind of weather I love.

Zeba said...

I like your blog. I don't always know what to comment (like right now). But I love the feel it gives me. It's been snowing in this part of the world.

The Me. said...

Ally: Then you have great weather taste. n.n

zeba: Aw. Thankee. (:

bailcha-face said...

aww this made me all tingly :D