Sunday, February 12, 2012


I don't care how many times i repeat the same happy shit on my blog about how awesome life is. I'm still going to do it.

I'm still going to write about it, because no matter how many times, i say it, it's not enough. Right now, i feel grateful. There's exploding happyness and then there's explosing gratefulness. And i'm experiencing the latter right now.

I'm lucky. I'm lucky to be here right now. To have parents so awesome, they TCS me badminton rackets from back home just because i told them i felt like playing Badminton the other day. To have friends back home who still make an effort to stay in touch. To have managed to find, and actually be friends with the only sane group of girls in my college. To have my khala's place to go to every weekend, to catch up with s2, and take some time off from the hostel/college atmosphere. To finally live in the same city as N so that we're able to hang out and have sleepovers at her place.

God, i'm grateful.

People have forgotten how to be happy. I don't know many happy people. I'm glad i'm happy. Helplessly happy. Like Ayn Rand says,

"Its not that i don't suffer, it's that i know the unimportance of suffering.."

I believe exactly that. You suffer, yes. But why do you have to let it take over you? To let it be more important than all the good things in life? I feel blue. I take my time. I deal with it. And then it goes away. Because i can't take sadness. I hate feeling that way. It's not how one's supposed to feel.

Aah. Anyway.
I gotta go do some work now.

P.s. Wonderwall's playing in the background.
And its raining outside.


Randomhyper. said...

Much deeper post than usual. MashAllah,I'm glad you're so happy. :)Love that Ayn Rand quote!

Nas said...

Live is amazing! Hopefully it stays that way for you.

Roshni said...

Stay happy dude! =P

MagicalMe said...

I love the quote!!! it's my facebook status now.
Hope you alwaaays stay this happy and grateful <3

Aliza Khan said...

I am soo glad to hear that atleast someone's really happy MashAllah...

People have indeed forgotten to be happy and it is only because they have started taking things for granted... I am really blue right now and i am taking my time to get over it slowly but definitely yes... I hate this feeling of despair and self loathing and pity....

Eirene said...

mashAllah! hope you stay this happy, if not happier :)